The use of groundwater as a source for drinking water is increasing worldwide. At the same time the groundwater resource is under threat from a variety of both anthropogenic and naturally occurring compounds, and the water quality varies from location to location, even often from well field to well field within the same area. The need for treatment of the groundwater before distribution to the consumers is therefore different depending on the raw water quality and on the specific use of the treated water (household, irrigation, industry).

In Denmark, the treatment of groundwater is very simple, except from very few cases, and without the addition of chlorine before distribution to the consumers. In other European countries where groundwater is used for drinking water supply, however, a number of more advanced treatment technologies have been used for drinking water production. This EWA Specialised Workshop is the first of its kind to focus on groundwater treatment technologies for drinking water supply.

In this workshop, you will have presentations on different aspects of processes and technologies for the treatment of groundwater for drinking water supply, including GAC, biofiltration, nanofiltration, Fe(o) electrolysis, membrane filtration, bioaugmentation, cold plasma oxidation, membrane distillation, reverse osmosis, chemical flocculation, disc. filtration and more.

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