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Amsterdam International Water Week Summit, 15 November 2018

Join the Amsterdam International Water Week Summit 2018 “Addressing water 3.0 – from vision to action” to stimulate the global goal of achieving a sustainable water environment. This special Summit will make a crucial contribution to the ongoing progress on water issues being led by the AIWW series.


The AIWW Summit 2018 will take place on 15 November 2018 on the former ocean liner SS Rotterdam, a unique historic location in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. It aims to:

  • Set the global agenda for the AIWW 2019
  • Reflect on the Amsterdam Agreements and solutions that were shaped during AIWW 2017
  • Build upon the results and outcomes of AIWW 2017 and take the discussions further
  • Intensity global partnerships
  • Provide an opportunity for the AIWW Community to meet, supporting its members in refreshing their enthusiasm and commitment.

The dialogue at the AIWW Summit 2018 will result in a final position paper that will form the basis and inspiration for next year’s Amsterdam International Water Week, taking place on 4-8 November 2019.

Interested in participating? Please click here.