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WssTP-ERRIN RIS3 Water Workshop


WssTP - ERRIN RIS3 Workshop

How can a region develop a water cluster whilst integrating all actors within the regional water sector?
How can we tackle waste water issues efficiently, using innovative water technologies?
How can existing regional water cluster foster international collaboration?

Registrations are now open!!

This and much more will be addressed at the the joint WssTP-ERRIN RIS3 Workshop, which is organised on 25th of March in Brussels.

Water is directly and indirectly (e.g. labelled as clean or environmental technologies) integrated in many regional strategies and operational programmes. Yet, regions often struggle to correctly assimilate water into the RIS3 or other regional policies, due to its broad nature. Taking all this on board, WssTP and ERRIN are organising this workshop to share solutions and best practices and facilitate European regions to work on the water topic efficiently in the current financial programme, leading up to 2020.

The workshop will specifically focus on water cluster development, water challenges and international collaboration, having as its main objective to gather around 20 European regions which want or have already implemented water in their RIS3 or regional policies, facilitating a knowledge exchange on key topics.


Venue: The event will take place at the House of the Dutch Provinces, Rue de Trèves 61, 4th floor in Brussels. 

Networking dinner: On March 24th 2015, a networking dinner has been scheduled to take place in Brussels.