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WssTP Vision

WssTP Water Vision 2030 ‘Towards a future-proof model for a European water-smart society’ has been developed to set the directions for tackling the key societal challenges related to water which is one of the key resources underpinning our lives and economies.

The document outlines what the future water-smart society may look like, based on emerging technology and societal trends which are expected to lead to a paradigm shift on how we deal with the finite resources on our planet. By 2030 the transition to the water-smart society should be in full swing.

WssTP vision outlines the higher level innovations that will be required to realise that vision, and as such sets the base for a renewed Strategic Innovation and Research Agenda (SIRA), and serves as an inspiration for both policy makers, researchers, technology developers, water service providers, and water management authorities, to join forces in building a sustainable, robust, resilient and dynamic water-smart society for Europe while strengthening Europe’s contribution to the global societal challenges and water market.


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