A new revision of the Industrial Emission Directive


The European Commission has revised the industrial emissions directive, on Tuesday, 5th April 2022. In the proposal, the Commission focused on boosting effectiveness and supporting water reuse and circular economy investments.

The directive on industrial emissions (‘the IED’) regulates the environmental impacts of around 52 000 of Europe’s large-scale, high-pollution-risk industrial installations and livestock farms (‘agro-industrial installations’) in an integrated manner, on a sector-by sector basis.

It covers all relevant pollutants potentially emitted by agro-industrial installations that affect human health and the environment. Installations regulated by the IED account for about 20% of the EU’s overall pollutant emissions by mass into the air, around 20% of pollutant emissions into water and approximately 40% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

To know more, check the full factsheet here.


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