A promising proposal for the new Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive


Today, 25 October 2022, the European Commission published the proposal for the new Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive (UWWTD). An in-depth REFIT evaluation of the UWWTD from 1991 showed that it has significantly reduced the adverse effects of the wastewater discharges from urban sources into the environment.

The proposal focuses on the quality of rivers, lakes, groundwaters and seas through cost-effective wastewater treatment. It includes essential points, such as the energy-water nexus, nutrients recovery and new requirements for microplastics and other micropollutants in line with the Circular Economy Action Plan. The sector is supposed to become energy-neutral by 2040. Moreover, the proposal also aims for new standards and limit values, an extended producer responsibility, better and digitalized monitoring and tracking of pollution, and a cooperation between health and wastewater competent authorities.

These improvements will allow to achieve a better health and environmental protection in line with the European Green Deal.

Here the link to the article on the EC website.



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