AfriAlliance Call to Action – Put your organisation on the map of organisations working on water & climate issues in Africa & Europe


Is your organisation working in the fields of water and climate actions in Africa and/or Europe? Then become part of the AfriAlliance Stakeholder Map by participating in this short survey.

In order to achieve improved interactions to overcome knowledge fragmentation in climate and water issues, we need to generate a profound understanding of how people, groups, organizations and networks currently interact – within Africa and between Africa and the European Union – in the context of water and climate actions.

An initial map of the AfriAlliance stakeholders and interactions has already been developed (You can find it here).

The responses to this survey will allow us to gain a better depiction of the networks and the key institutions working in the area of water and climate as well as their relationships to ultimately enlarge the initial map. This will enable us to enlarge the map of the AfriAlliance Stakeholder Map and to identify gaps as well as key connections.

Please, complete this survey on behalf of your organisation here


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