Apply for the Innovation Challenge ‘Digital solutions for Energy Efficiency’ by 17 March 2022


The Water Test Network project establishes a transnational network of testing facilities in North West Europe to test, demonstrate and develop new products for the water sector. In this way, new innovations will be developed and it will accelerate time to market. The transnational network of testing facilities offers operational demonstration sites with a range of water types in rural and urban settings.

For the latest innovation challenge, the Water Test Network is looking for SMEs who are developing digital or sensing solutions to monitor and to reduce the energy consumption level of water treatment facilities. Developments should be at least at TRL 4. You will be in a position to showcase and finetune your digital solutions in a real test environment. This can either be a drinking water production centre or a municipal wastewater treatment plant. The innovation must be cost-effective and sustainable. SMEs, preferentially located in the North West European region, can apply by submitting an application form no later than 17 March 2022 at 12 pm.

For more information, please click here.


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