Brexit Deal – A missed opportunity to make European trade agreement Water-Smart


The European Union and the United Kingdom have reached an agreement on trade and cooperation which is the best outcome that we can expect for our future relations with our neighbouring country. We are happy to see that this agreement includes high environmental standards and opportunities to continue research and innovation cooperation. However, despite the high environmental standards and the non-regression principle, the European Union seems to have missed an opportunity to set a new standard in its trade and cooperation agreement that fully considers the Value of Water. 
In this context, Water Europe warmly supports the establishment of a smooth relationship with the UK but deplores the loss of the opportunity to demonstrate the “strong regulatory power of the European Union” and set a new standard for international business and virtual water trade.  

Water Europe invites the European Institutions to tackle this challenge in their ongoing and future international negotiations to concretely contribute and strengthen the fight against climate change for a greener, circular, and fair Europe. We remain at the disposal of the European Institutions to further contribute to any debates and recommendations on the benefits and options for water-smart treaties. Read the full paper to know more.



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