Capacity Development Symposium – registration now free


As scientists around the world race to create effective antivirals and vaccines in the fight against COVID-19, the international water community has likewise been looking at what the water sector can, and needs to, do.

This kind of global unpredictability, complexity, and the need for resilience – in terms of water availability, quality, management and sustainability – is at the core of IHE Delft’s 6th International Symposium on Knowledge and Capacity Development: From Capacity Development to Implementation Science, happening on the 27-29 May 2020.

Having taken the decision to go online some weeks ago, IHE Delft has created a platform, inviting up to 500 conference participants to meet online to discuss issues, such as the bridges and barriers to water capacity, the challenges of managing institutional change, managing conflict, using ‘big data’ and options for water financing.

During the event itself the keynote speakers will be delivering inspiring insights and available for live and offline Q&A, and the Track leads will host a mix of live and offline discussion around our eight key themes.

All participants will have an opportunity to contribute to the process of providing recommendations on the future agenda for water capacity implementation. The platform will help participants to organise and promote dedicated discussions of their own, by scheduling presentations to solicit feedback (by chat or small discussion groups) from an expert audience and other available options.

To check the Symposium’s agenda, please click here. You can register for free – or register and make a contribution here.

For more information, please visit the Symposium’s dedicated webpage.


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