COVID19 Crisis impacts the EU Work Programme


The European Commission is working towards adapting its work programme for 2020. The COVID19 crisis needs a strong response from the European Union to tackle the sanitarian, economic and societal crisis. The institution will soon release its new document in this regard.

At this stage, the Commissioner Sinkevičius sees this situation as an opportunity to take the right way of accelerating and updating our two priorities; the Green Deal and digitalisation. The zero-pollution strategy, biodiversity 2030 and the Farm to Fork strategy might not be too much affected by the delay.

Water Europe welcomes that the Green Deal and the digitalisation of Europe remain the two key priorities in the European response to the post COVID19. From our side, we contributed to this through a position paper, A Water-Smart Society for a successful post COVID19 recovery plan, stressing out the importance of water as a key enabler to reboot and accelerate the recovery towards a resilient and united Europe.

Together with the support of our ambassadors and different external stakeholders, particularly the members of the EU Water Alliance, Water Europe presents recommendations that water can contribute to the post-COVID-19 strategy through:

  1. Achieving a Water-Smart Society to reboot and build a resilient Europe.
  2. Supporting digitalisation for a water-driven sustainable growth.
  3. Encouraging an inclusive Water Smart society for our citizens
  4. Reinforcing European leadership to improve international solidarity.

Watch here our related video.


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