CyberSecureWater workshop on the 28th May 2019, Barcelona – Registration are now open!


Due to the increasing and massive digitalization, the water infrastructures are becoming more and more vulnerable to cyber attacks, whose effects can be devastating. 

How can infrastructure that exists for decades become digital, more efficient and secure at the same time? What are the technical solutions and the legislative framework to cyber-secure the water infrastructure?

The above and more questions will be addressed during the event CyberSecureWater organized by WssTP, AIOTI, CETAQUA, EURECAT and FEUGA on the 28th May 2019, hosted by CREA at the Ciutat de l’Aigua in Barcelona.

CyberSecureWater will not be a single and unique effort, but a further step in developing a road map for cybersecurity in the water sector. It builds on existing networks and focuses on coordination of ongoing activities and has the aim to kick-off further strategic deliberations. CyberSecureWater will also have a session that will simulate a cyber-attack and identify who needs to do what, with whom and when.

Interested? Register HERE


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