€65 million for a better water and wastewater infrastructure in Romania


The European Commission has recently approved a contribution of more than €65 million from the 2014-2020  Cohesion Fund for a better water and wastewater infrastructure in the  Medias, Agnita and Dumbraveni regions, in Sibiu County, Romania.

The investment aims to:

– upgrade the control systems to monitor the water quality,
– create 33 permanent jobs for staff for the maintenance and operation of the infrastructure’
– reduce pollutants in water sources and ensure a continuous supply of safe drinking water,
– have a long-lasting positive impact on public health while contributing to compliance with the EU Drinking Water and Urban Wastewater Directives.

Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms, Elisa Ferreira, said: “Cohesion Policy is about concretely improving the living conditions for citizens in the EU in all regions. This project will significantly upgrade the living conditions of more than 35,000 citizens by improving the water and wastewater network.” You can read more details here.


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