Europe bans 10 most common single-use plastic items


On July 3rd, European Commission provided guidance on the EU rules on single-use plastics and adopts an Implementing Decision on the monitoring and reporting of fishing gear placed on the market and waste fishing gear collected.

With the Single-Use Plastics Directive, the EU is reducing the quantity of waste generated, tackling 10 single-use plastic items and fishing gear that account for most littered items found on Europe’s beaches, and promoting circular economy transition and sustainable alternatives.

The Member States have had 2 years to implement the measures of the directive in national law. Some have already done so early, for example France banned the first SUP items in the beginning of 2020. But not all countries have submitted a law draft to the Commission.

“There is no reason why citizens should already take responsibility for plastic pollution [now] and some industry players are guaranteed some more years,” says Gaëlle Haut, project manager for EU affairs at Rethink Plastic, an alliance of European NGOs fighting plastic pollution.


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