Expert hearing on Industrial Change of the European Economic and Social Committee


A valuable discussion took place last week on the future of water during the expert hearing organised by the Consultative Commission on Industrial Change of the European Economic and Social Committee. Two Water Europe members shared their expertise:

– Par Larshans from Ragn-Sells stressed the importance of circular processes for climate adaptation and mitigation, as well as the additional benefits of circular technology for the UWWTP particularly for resource recovery.

– Anja de Reus from Ecolab pointed out the importance of digital water and the water-energy nexus for climate change adaption and mitigation. Technologies exist to achieve a higher degree of water circularity and build Water-Smart Societies, but we need to accelerate!

During the follow-up discussion, the Committee explored potential recommendations to include in a Blue Deal for Europe during the next Commission, among of which, reference was made to:

☑ R&D will have a key role to play in developing, testing, and deploying innovative solutions via sandbox or Water-Oriented Living Labs (WOLLs).
☑ Data management through digitalisation, AI was identified as part of the solutions to analyse, communicate and implement the right solutions digital water.
☑ Circular water must be promoted and get a new way of viewing waste as a resource.
☑ The opportunity to have a commissioner dedicated to water, and active participation of the citizens to improve inclusive water governance and put water on the top of the EU agenda.
☑ Resilient water through a nexus approach, particularly for water and energy, to achieve the carbon and water targets.
☑ Diversify water sources, particularly, via reusing greywater in the building.


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