Final Results of the EnergyWater Project: 300 Large companies and SMEs benefited from the EnergyWater EMSA tool


The EnergyWater project counts three exciting years of work in developing the EMSA-web tool and creating the Energy Angels Network. Launched in February 2016 and funded by the European Commission(EASME), the project has now come to an end but its results have already started to demonstrate the long-lasting beneficial impact they can bring for big companies and SMEs.

Through its EMSA web tool, the EnergyWater project has succeeded in leaving behind an innovative working environment where companies can evaluate their water processes and energy consumption; compare their results with other European companies; acquire access to examples of best practices already implemented in other EU industries; and obtain a detailed improvement action & saving measures proposal.

The EMSA web tool, all in all, enables companies to optimize water use in industrial processes and reduce their energy costs. Same time, with 120 trained Energy Angels currently registered in the EMSA tool, the EnergyWater project is offering an open network of skilled energy managers and auditors that functions as a catalyst for the implementation and financing of energy efficiency in the industrial sector.

Energy Angels are professional consultants, installers or technology providers, offering their knowledge to support companies using the EMSA tool. Throughout its duration, the EnergyWater consortium also managed to implement a training module to improve the availability of skilled energy managers and auditors, during which up to 200 people have been trained. The EnergyWater MOOC remains free and available for those who want to get trained and obtain certification. Read more.

Still though, these facts would mean nothing much if they were not validated by more than 300 companies that actually tested the tool and benefited from it. Two of them, the municipal water company, Aguas de Burgos and the manufacturing company, Ibersnacks, represented by SOCAMEX, explain how companies can get value from the EnergyWater project. Watch the video here.

To be among the companies that have improved their energy efficiency, thanks to the EMSA tool, you can now register your company in the EMSA tool. The Energy Angels Network remains open for new members! Seize the chance to join this vibrant network and explore the new business opportunities it can offer you.

For more information on the EnergyWater project, please click here.


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