Floor Brouwer, leading WIE2019 second session


 width=The second session of WIE2019 will be dedicated to “Water & energy services interlinkages”. Floor Brouwer, WssTP Working Group Leader “Water-Energy-Food” Biodiversity Nexus & Environmental Economist at WUR, will moderate the session presenting examples of key interlinkages between water and energy nexus.

Session narrative

Water & energy services are strongly interlinked. The provision of energy services is very dependent upon the availability of sufficient water of good quality. Similarly, the provision of water services requires energy. The transition towards a low-carbon and green economy will involve energy saving actions, improving energy efficiency and increasing energy production from renewable sources. Is there potential for synergies with the water sector and how could they be achieved (e.g. joint investments)?

The Session will present examples of key interlinkages between water and energy. Moreover, examples are presented regarding water innovations in the transition to a low-carbon economy.

During this panel, we will explore:

  • Regulations, legislation and governance: how systematic promotion of mutually reinforcing policy actions across government and agencies can create synergies between the water and energy sectors?
  • Principles and trends of water and energy pricing (considering water and energy savings) and how this affects customer behaviour. Is water pricing different from energy pricing?
  • Examples of key interlinkages between water and energy – what is the future of renewable energy in Europe and is the potential for water saving increasing?
  • The future of renewable energy has potential for water saving – are there synergies and trade-offs between water and energy? What are the main threats that need to be resolved? What synergies between energy and water services are established in urban development?

For more information about the second session panellists, please read our latest WssTP announcement HERE

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