Hans Goossens, President’s Editorial


Dear Water Europe friends,

Every time I prepare this editorial, the weather conditions we experience are more and more extreme. The southern regions of Europe are already at this stage in the year dealing with exceptional droughts and high temperatures, while across the Atlantic, the hurricanes in the USA are even more devastating, with unprecedented ferocity. These are reminders that it’s high time to make our society water-resilient and water-smart. This is the reason why, we plead for the next European Commission to put water high on the agenda.

This call to action is not just related to the short and medium-term ambitions that Europe has, where water is vital for realizing the green transition towards a competitive EU industry. This call to action is equally important for the long-term outlook, as the challenges we face today will only intensify, expecting more severe and frequent climate-related events. Addressing these requires not only immediate action but also a sustained commitment to climate mitigation and adaptation. This involves significant shifts in attitudes and mindsets. The journey towards zero-emission targets is underway, but equally important is adapting to the changing climate—and with everything that we experience today, the sense of urgency increases.

To this end, we have already taken proactive steps by submitting a letter to the EU Council, emphasizing the critical link between the water topic and the future industrial competitiveness. This letter urges politicians to recognize the necessity of robust water policies not just as a response to crises, but as a cornerstone of sound governance and foresight.

Amidst all these developments, we are also preparing for our annual conference, Water Innovation Europe 2024, to be held under the theme ‘Towards a Water-Smart Strategy’ from June 17-19, 2024. We look forward to building on the momentum of a full year of activities towards a water-smart strategy, and for this we need you on our side. It’s only collectively that we can forge strategies and we can bring them successfully to life. Our registrations for the conference have opened, so secure your place and join us in making impact!


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