Hans Goossens, President’s Editorial – May 2024


Dear Water Europe friends,

This week, the European Green Week 2024 kicked off under the theme ‘Towards a Water Resilient Europe’. Throughout the events, we are reminded of the need to ensure water security for all our continent’s ambitions. The goals for economic and industrial growth in Europe must be balanced with the ambitions of the European Green Deal.

Currently, Water Europe is developing a socio-economic study to highlight the value of water in four industrial sectors: chip manufacturing, data centers, hydrogen, and agriculture. Agriculture, in particular, is a water-intensive sector, emphasizing the need for managing water in a sustainable way.

It’s crucial to understand that water is crucial for all these sectors to perform their activities. So, this study aims to quantify the true value of water for the industry and outline the requirements for building a Water-Smart Industry.

Our goal through this study is to provide actionable insights to transform industries into Water-Smart Industries, focusing on water recycling, multiple water use, digital water solutions, resilient water systems, and inclusive water management. A Water-Smart Industry aligns with our vision for a Water-Smart Society, ensuring water availability for both nature and economic activities. During our Water Innovation Europe 2024 annual conference, we will discuss the study in an exclusive session on the 17th of June. Make sure you join us.

In the meantime, don’t miss the opportunity to check out our new Atlas for Water-Oriented Living Labs that was officially launched during the World Water Forum in Bali last week. The Water-Oriented Living Labs are a key tool for building a Water-Smart Society. Developed within the context of the Water4All Partnership, the Atlas of WOLLs represents a collective commitment to advancing water resilience and promoting cross-sectoral collaboration. Explore the document, and I am looking forward to exchanging ideas with all of you in person in just two weeks.


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