Hans Goossens, WE President’s Editorial, February 2023


Dear Water Europe friends,

The month of February has been a month of preparations. Preparations for the events already happened and the ones we have already on the horizon. Earlier this month, we held the webinar ‘Biologically inspired design for a Water-Smart Society’’. With the presentation of the keynote speaker, Alessandro Branciardi, we were reminded how, most of the times, nature finds very ingenious systems to cope with the challenges arising. Water is part of nature, and no matter if we have different disciplines, the more we observe nature, the more we see that its systems are circular in design. This should be our inspiration on how to make our systems resilient.

When it comes, now, to our important dossiers, Water Europe released this month an article on EURACTIV titled Transforming water risks into the industry’s opportunity for the next decade. The revision of the Industrial Emissions Directive is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to turn water risks into industrial opportunities and preserve the European industries’ competitiveness from water risks. At the same time, the Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive is our focus, and following the position paper released some time ago, Water Europe continues to work closely with all the relevant stakeholders to ensure a green, circular and smart Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive.

We are a breath away from March that will mark, at least, three important occasions, our next Water Market Europe event happening in Brussels on the 14-15 of March, the reveal of our new vision and our participation in the UN 2023 Water Conference. We couldn’t be more excited to have our new Water Europe vision ready for the conference. The value of water is at the core of our updated document, and this is what we are also going to bring forward at the UN 2023 Water Conference, through a series of activities and events, organised together with our members. Look forward to meeting and discussing with many of you over the next weeks.


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