Have your say on the NextGen Marketplace platform


In the context of the Water Knowledge Europe 2021 Spring Edition event held digitally last month, we saw the exclusive launch of the beta version of the Marketplace, an innovative digital-based tool, developed within the H2020-funded NextGen project.

 width=During the Water Market Europe session, the beta version of this interactive platform was released as an online, flexible and adaptable system to search or share information about innovative and transformational circular economy solutions and systems that challenge embedded thinking and practices around resource use in the water sector. The platform consists of three main parts: A Marketplace, a Technology Evidence Base and a Toolkit, all provided through a unified web-based environment.

Prof. Christos Makropoulos from NTUA and KWR commented that “Every economy needs a marketplace to function and the emerging circular economy is no different. The marketplace for water in the circular economy will allow solution providers and problem owners to meet digitally and to exchange technologies, services and best practices building up to a truly circular economy with water at its centre”.

With a wide variety of featured technologies, the Marketplace can enhance our ability to recover, refine, reuse, repurpose, capture value from, and extend the use-life of, an ever-increasing range of resources and products to develop the necessary approaches, tools and partnerships for efficiently addressing different water-related issues.

To finetune the MarketPlace,a short survey has been prepared here. We encourage to share your feedback with us- It will only take a few minutes of your time.

For more information, please contact Andrea Rubini.


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