HYDROUSA project gathered over 100 participants at webinar


The HYDROUSA Project Webinar that took place on the 9 July received more than 100 attendees from all over Europe. The virtual seminar was organized by the CWP, ICRA, the National Technical University Athens and Impact Hub Athens, to disseminate the advances on the development of the HYDROUSA project.

first-cwp-imgSara Gabarron, Project Manager of the CWP opened the session and presented the agenda of the webinar as well as the first speaker, the Project Coordinator Simos Malamis who kicked off the webinar by presenting the Hydrousa Project concept and its objectives. 

Giulia Cipolletta and Francesco Fatone from the UNIVPM followed explaining the legislation, barriers and opportunities for decentralized communities, leaving the floor to Patrik Karlsson from Alchemia-nova Greece to present the valorisation of alternative water resources from rainwater/Seawater.

Next, insights on the implementation of nature-based solutions to reclaim water were given by Fabio Masi from IRIDRA. After him, Óscar Prado from AERIS presented the opportunities to recover energy from wastewater. Tarek El Arabi from the Helipolis University explained the nutrient recycling: Fertigation of an agroforestry field, followed by Zisis Tsiropoulos who presented the digitalization of HYDROUSA services. 

The last presentation was given by Dimitris Kokkinakis from Impact Hub Athens on how to Spread the Word: A Community of water allies, before ending the webinar with an interesting Q&A section moderated by Gianluigi Buttiglieri, researcher at ICRA, where all speakers contributed to solving the assistant’s queries.

Visit HYDROUSA’s website to learn more about the project. 


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