HYDROUSA releases new paper on “Policy and legislative barriers to close water-related loops”


HYDROUSA project has recently published a new paper on “Policy and legislative barriers to close water-related loops in innovative small water and wastewater systems in Europe: A critical analysis”. 

The paper aims to highlight:

– Regulatory fitness check was applied to closed water loops to identify legislative and financing barriers.
– Current EU legislatives do not provide ad-hoc guidelines to decentralized systems.
– No general barriers were detected for the reuse of reclaimed water in the EU legislation.
– Serious limitations exist on drinking water production from non-conventional water resources.
– Major constraints were determined for EC-marked compost for organic farming.

HYDROUSA is an international cooperation between 27 partners that focuses on innovative and nature based water management and water treatment solutions starting from July 2018 until December 2022.

The project strives to solve issues related to: the water supply, the wastewater problem, the biodiversity and nutrient loss, the availability of jobs (mainly in the high touristic season) and the flush of difficulties that infrastructure has to deal with at the peak of the touristic season, resulting in the unsustainable water demand. The main objective of HYDROUSA is to offer a set of solutions for these problems that are easily adaptable and replicable to other possible circumstances around the world. 


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