Interview with Jorge Malfeito, Director of Innovation Water Business Acciona & WE Board Member of college A ‘Multinational Corporations’


You are a Water Europe board member of college A ‘Multinational Corporations’- Could you tell us what drives you personally to have this role at Water Europe? What do you want to achieve?

As a Director of Innovation of the water business of Acciona, Water Europe is the perfect framework aiming to promote the research, development and innovation of the European water sector. The platform also advocates for policies that support the sustainable management of water resources and the protection of water quality. By fostering collaboration and supporting research and innovation, Water Europe aims to contribute to the advancement of the water sector and the development of solutions to challenges facing the sector.

Why do you consider it important for ACCIONA to be part of Water Europe?

ACCIONA’s expertise and experience in the water sector could potentially contribute to the exchange of information and knowledge within Water Europe and help advance the development of the European water sector. In addition, being a member of Water Europe gives us opportunities for collaboration and networking within the water sector and participation in policy development in the water and the environment in Europe.

Which ones do you consider the biggest challenges of the European water sector, at the moment, and how do you see us overcoming them?

There are a number of challenges facing the European water sector at the moment. Some of the key challenges include climate change, water scarcity, water pollution and aging infrastructure. To overcome these hurdles, it will be necessary for the European water sector to adopt a holistic approach that addresses multiple issues simultaneously. This may involve implementing innovative technologies and practices to improve water efficiency and management, promoting the use of alternative water sources, such as reuse and desalination, and strengthening regulatory frameworks to protect water quality and manage water resources. It will also be important to engage stakeholders, including governments, businesses, and communities, in finding solutions to these challenges.

Building a water-smart society is our vision. Which actions shall we prioritise to make this happen?

To build a water-smart society, there are several actions that can be prioritized. First improving water efficiency, implementing technologies and practices and the adoption of water-saving measures. Second, promoting water conservation and encouraging individuals and organizations to use water resources wisely and efficiently can help to reduce demand and preserve water resources. It is also crucial to protect water quality, ensuring that water resources are free from pollution and contaminants, and also to managing water resources sustainably. Finally, any of the others wouldn’t be possible without the engagement of stakeholders. Building a water-smart society requires the participation and engagement of governments, businesses, communities and individuals. By engaging these stakeholders, it will be possible to build a more sustainable and resilient water-smart society.


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