Interview with Nurdan Yücel President of CEIR, Taps & Valves Europe


Can you please introduce your association and describe the role that water plays in your work?

CEIR – Taps & Valves Europe is the leading industry association committed to shaping a sustainable future for the European taps and valves sector. With over 60 years of expertise, CEIR provides a reliable and responsible voice for our members, representing national associations and companies to policy makers and industry stakeholders.

Water is key to our sector as it is running through our products. It represents a very significant part of the markets of our members.

The World Resource Institute predicts a 56% gap between water supply and demand by 2030. Water stress is also perceived among the main global risks, highlighting the need to move away from temporary measures to systematic, risk-based management. How are the current water risks perceived in your sector, and what policies/regulations do you consider important for addressing these risks?

The water risks are high in our agenda. Policies/regulations that affect Water Distribution Infrastructure & Energy, Water Quality and Secturity, Digital Transition are key for the sector.

For example, take the new Drinking Water Directive. It defines many targets: right to access to water everyone in the world, quality of the water and consequently equipment used for contact with drinking water. It is partly covering that sensitive situation of water stress.

Collaboration and innovation are at the heart of building a Water-Smart Society. How does your organization actively support collaboration and innovation within your sector to improve environmental performance, competitiveness across the value chain? Could you provide specific examples of your efforts in this regard, particularly related to water?

CEIR – Taps & Valves Europe highly welcomes collaboration and innovation. We are a partner for the water supply chain.

CEIR is a Founding Member of Unified Water Label Association, a self-regulation information scheme to promote water and energy efficiency in the taps and showers sector. That association and the label becomes a high success and is recognized by the authorities. It is a good example of the proactive engagement of our companies.

We are also active member of the European Drinking Water (EDW) Association and of Orgalim – Europe’s Technology Industries. In addition, CEIR has close relationship with the pump industry (Europump association).

CEIR has liaisons with CEN / ISO and is contributing to the European and International standards by informing the specification and promoting the standards. CEIR members are also experts in the standardization committees (including on subject like eco-design of equipment).

Our reach does not stop in Europe, and we try to learn and exchange with our strategic partnerships in USA, the VMA – Valve Manufacturers Association and PMI – Plumbing Manufacturers International.

In all this strategic partnership, one thing is common: our objective to create value for the society, economy, and the planet.

In addition, CEIR is following all the evolution on reuse of grey water and waste water that are new opportunities to develop.

CEIR is also focusing on renewal of the water distribution network which represents big impact by reducing water leakages.

Would a water strategy be relevant for your sector to strengthen competitiveness and reduce potential disruption on the value chain by ensuring water resilience, security, and sustainability?

Water is essential for life. Today while water is highly regulated there is not a wholistic and systemic strategy to address the critical role of water in our sustainable and vital development. We would welcome strategies that could ensure water resilience, preservation and security, while considering all three elements of sustainability: the people, the economy, and the planet. With our committees, we follow the new initiatives on a resilient and concerted management of water resources, promoting water savings, like “Plan eau” in France.


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