Introducing Idrica: Smart Water for a Better World


The Spanish company GoAigua, with comprehensive experience in water innovation, is now Idrica, the new leading company in digital transformation for the water industry, providing services and technological solutions for the water cycle management. 

The newly launched company is born with a brand engineering division with experience in management, operation, and maintenance, engineering, and consultancy. 

GoAigua is now Idrica’s smart water technology, a modular, scalable and vendor-agnostic solution. It helps build smart decision systems in organisations and provides each client with a holistic view of the entire water cycle. The technology provided by Idrica transforms the water cycle management in the areas of drinking water, wastewater, and irrigation.   

GoAigua won the Digital Water prize at the Water Europe Innovation Awards 2019. The Awards aim to support the implementation of the Water Europe Vision “The value of water: towards a future-proof model for a European water-smart society” by raising the visibility of new innovative water-related approaches, solutions, and technologies with high market or high-value application potential. 

In an interview for Water Europe, Business Department Director, talked about GoAigua milestones since the award. You can watch the full interview, along with the other four winners on the Water Europe YouTube page

Idrica offers high added-value services, such as Master Plans, Digital Transformation, Non-Revenue Water reduction, Smart Metering Roll-out and analytics, Digital Twin, project management, technical support, energy efficiency and water networks and infrastructures management.

If you want to learn more about Idrica, check out their new website and follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn


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