Join the 3rd HYDROUSA webinar “Exploring the circular applications on Lesvos” – 6 May 2021


A new HYDROUSA webinar series began focusing on the Mediterranean regions in the project’s focus. Following the two first webinars around HYDROUSA applications in Mykonos and Tinos, the water journey continues to Lesvos and the circular innovative solutions applied on the island.

On Thursday, 6th of May at 10.30 EET (+2 GMT) the webinar will explore further its project’s applications, innovations and circular economy practices, with the prototypes on the island of Lesvos in focus. The webinar is part of the EU Green Week 2021.

Representatives of the project coordinator National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) along with key actors from the Municipality of Western Lesvos, the Water Utility of Lesvos and the University of the Aegean, and other technological partners will contribute to the project’s vision, actions and the technology innovations with the moderation of Impact Hub Athens.

To register for the webinar, please click here.


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