Join the online survey for a sustainable skills agenda for a Water-Smart society


The Working Group Human Capital is working on a White Paper to support the development of a sustainable skills agenda for a Water-Smart Society. Working on the goals of reaching a Water-Smart Society, using the Green Deal, and new Horizon programmes, we need to take into account the major changes in the skills demands of the future.

On this ground, the European Commission not only launched the Green Deal for example, but also the European Skills Agenda. People working in the water sector need to adapt to new skills for applying new knowledge and tools, such as digitalization, nature based solutions, and change their way of working due to the changes in the labour market and the need of more (citizen) engagement and holistic approaches.  

To achieve a Water-Smart Society, we do not need only technical innovation but also social innovations. To support this development, the Working Group Human Capital is writing a White Paper and needs your help! 

Whether you are an (HR) manager; an employer, an employee or a future employee of the water sector, you can help us by filling in one of our two surveys and spreading them in your network as well. The more information, the more we can learn. 



It won’t take more than 15 minutes of your time! Given these inputs, a first draft of the White Paper will be developed and presented at the Water Knowledge Europe 2021, Spring event.  For contribution to the White Paper, please contact the WGHC leader – Naomi Timmer


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