MEP Water Group Online Webinar: How to make the energy efficiency directive Water-Smart? 8 Feb 2022


Don’t miss the new webinar organised by the MEP Water Group on the Energy Efficiency Directive. Tune in on Tuesday, the 8th of February from 4.30 to 6.00 pm. to join the discussion and learn how are the EU efforts stimulated to promote energy efficiency and achieve energy savings, in the fight against climate change.

The Energy Efficiency Directive can contribute to the objective of becoming climate neutral by 2050. How can this directive fully embrace the energy-water nexus? How can the directive contribute to the sustainable digitalisation of Europe?

The event will be hosted by Pernille Weiss, chair of the MEP Water group, with the participation of Claudia Canevari, head of unit energy efficiency, DG ENER. The presentation will be followed by an exchange with the MEP Eleonora EVI, Greens, Italy and three representatives of the digital, energy and water sectors:

-Monica Frassoni, President of EU-ASE;
– Arnaud de Bermingham, President & founder of Scaleway;
– Durk Krol, Executive Director of Water Europe.

To register for the official event, please click here.


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