MEPs vote to strive for a Water-Smart Society in the resolution on the COP27


During the last extra-ordinary ENVI meeting on 3 October in Strasbourg, the MEPs continued working on the fight against climate change with the adoption of the motion for a resolution on the UN Climate Change Conference 2022 in Sharm-el-Sheikh (COP27) taking place from 6 to 18 November 2022. Once adopted the resolution will constitute the European Parliament position to the COP27, which will be brought forward by a European Parliament’s delegation of 15 members.

Beside the key issues, such as the climate, biodiversity crisis and emissions reductions, the resolution includes the crucial challenge of water protection in several amendments, an important step forward. Particularly, the amendment 14 underlines the “crucial importance of water management for climate change mitigation and adaptation” and “that water reuse and water efficiency through circular processes must be fully implemented across the economy and society in order to make use of the value in water and ensure water security in terms of quantity and quality”.  Therefore, it addresses all stakeholders and sectors “to achieve a water-smart society”.

The MEP Water Group welcomes these amendments as it is in line with the political statement of the group to achieve to ensure water security and safety in Europe and beyond. The members of the MEP Water Group was actively engage in stressing water-related challenges for this COP27 and submitted several amendments.

To learn, you can check the draft resolution and the vote results here.


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