New EU Report ‘Water in the Circular Economy policy development’: how projects can contribute to EU legislation


During the Water Knowledge Europe 2021 Spring edition, held in March 2021, Water Europe, together with EASME and NextGen project organized the workshop on ‘Water in the Circular Economy policy development’ within the context of Water Projects Europe event.

The workshop session took place on 26 March 2021 and it was hosted by Andrea Rubini (WE), Violeta Kuzmickaite (EASME) and Jos Frijns (NextGen). In the 3rd edition Water Projects Europe, water experts and policy makers discussed the governance challenges in the transition towards circular water solutions. The six Horizon 2020-projects projects participated in the workshop were: 

Project Ô

Experts the aforementioned projects on Water in the context of the Circular Economy reviewed with EU policy-makers relevant regulations, such as the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive and Sewage Sludge Directive. They exchanged information and best practices to achieve Water Smart-Society. 

Based on the outcomes of Water Projects Europe, the European Commission published the ‘Water in the Circular Economy policy development’ Report presenting not only the topics discussed but also several recommendations derived from the Horizon 2020projects. Discover more in the full report.


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