New LIFE climate action projects: applicants seek nearly €500 million in EU funding

In response to the EU LIFE programme’s 2020 call for climate action projects, the European Commission has received 258 new proposals. This represents a 55% rise on last year’s figures. It also shows a growing commitment to tackle and adapt to climate change.
Applicants come from all Member States and the proposed projects have an estimated total cost of approximately €978 million. This overall amount can be broken down as follows:

– €361 million for climate change adaptation with 110 applications

– €510 million for climate change mitigation – 104 applications

– €107 million for climate governance and information – 44 applications.

In addition, these potential projects have requested some €498 million in co-financing from the EU. Their combined actions aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase climate change resilience and boost awareness and cooperation on climate change mitigation.
This round of funding will help the EU deliver on its climate action goals set out under the European Green Deal.

Next steps

The 2020 call for traditional projects on climate action closed on 6 October 2020. Proposals will next be evaluated, before the European Commission informs applicants of the result of their application in February 2021. The next call will be launched in April 2021 on this website. See the timeline for the call


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