New technology makes toilet paper reusable


BWA developmentsHow do you make a high quality raw material again from used toilet paper? This desire of the Dutch waterboards becomes a reality. New technology, which is under development by companies KNN Cellulose BV and BWA BV, makes it possible. Waterboard Noorderzijlvest (NL) sees the importance of this development and makes the WWTP Uithuizermeeden available as first test location. The province of Groningen supports the development of the technology with a subsidy from the fourth Innovative Action Programme (IAG 4).

The waterboards in the Netherlands are working hard on the production of raw materials extracted from sewage. Cellulose, main constituent of toilet paper, is such a renewable resource. But how do you make a clean and safe raw material from used toilet paper, that can be re-used for example in insulation? The technology, given the catchy name “Cellvation”, consists of a number of innovative processes, inspired by the paper and food industry. The result is a compact processing unit that can be utilized on a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP), producing clean, marketable cellulose.

The companies BWA BV and KNN Cellulose BV are both active in the water sector and the circular resource market. The decisive complementary businesses will develop the promising technology jointly, expecting this development to have (inter) national impact.

The development is made possible by Samenwerkingsverband Noord Nederland, Koers Noord and the province of Groningen through the Innovative Action-Program 4.

For more information, please contact  Coos Wessels and Erik Pijlman.


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