New Water Europe Collaboration Programme 2021-2024


The Water Europe Collaboration Programme 2021-2024 took off with the reorganisation of the WE Vision Leadership Teams and Working Groups with a new approach aimed at rationalising the efforts of the collaboration matrix of WE. New Teams and updated Missions for the VLTs are prepared, and the synergic clustering of the WGs that are now grouped in thematic areas, to accomplish the mission of WE for the achievement of a Water-Smart Society.

Vision Leadership Teams


For the Programming Period 2021-2024, the VLT matrix will consist in three horizontal VLTs that are innovation-driven: Digital Water, Circular Water, and Grey-Green Infrastructures, three vertical VLTs that are implementation driven: Water-Smart Cities, Water-Smart Industries, and Water-Smart Rural Areas, and a holistic VLT on the Value of Water for our society and economy.

WE Vision Leadership Teams are the strategic think tanks of WE, consisting in 3-5 thought leaders, that are tasked with driving the progressive implementation of the Water Europe Vision in order to achieve a Water-Smart Society. VLTs are about visionary leadership and teamwork. Each VLTs is working on basis of a specific mission, a work plan for the appointed period, and a yearly reporting. Check here out VLTs.


Working Groups

 width=For the WE programming period 2021-2024, Water Europe has organised its working groups in six clusters with the aim to support the strategic alignment of the WGs with the WE vision and strategy, to strengthen their impact and visibility, and to stimulate the coordination and collaboration between WGs.

All the Water Europe Working Group team members have been informed and appointed to their new positions and are already making preparations for the effective implementation of this new structure. As part of the WE Collaboration Programme, the Working Groups are the operational level for members’ collaboration and coordination. They provide input to the WE Advocacy Programme and its WE Policy Advisory Committee (WE PAC) for the purpose of shaping the WE policy positions and responding to public consultations by the European Commission. Water Europe WGs are a key instrument for achieving the Water Europe vision and strategy, and reaching the common goal of establishing a Water-Smart Society. To check all our Water Europe Working Groups, please click here.

For more information, please contact Andrea Rubini.


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