New Water Europe position Paper on Bathing Water


Last month, Water Europe replied to the public consultation on the bathing water directive stressing the importance of this directive for public health and the need to update the legislation to strengthen water smart management. The bathing water directive has led to year-on-year improvements in the general condition of bathing water in the EU. In the past decade, more than 95% of European bathing waters have been of at least sufficient quality.

Water Europe welcomes the revision of the directive in order to be more in line with the innovative solution, tackle emerging problems, ensure synergies with other legislation and improve existing management methods. In line with the WHO report, our main recommendations are:

– Reinforce public health through robust and frequent monitoring and clarification
– Be aligned with the latest state of research ,technology and innovation
– Encourage the development of an inclusive management of bathing water directive
– Encourage the use of digital tools for bathing water smart management
– Promote the use of hybrid grey and green infrastructure
– Draw on synergies with other water related legislation

To download the full position paper, please click here.
For more information, please contact Loic Charpentier.


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