Online Trainings for Cluster Authorities & Companies on “Towards circularity and industrial symbiosis”


For industrial cluster managing authorities and companies, understanding water-related risks and how new business opportunities can improve organisational and international competitiveness is crucial in Europe and beyond. Circular business models where high-quality resources are recovered and reused from process water, offer a solution. As an emerging market, reclaimed minerals are interesting for industries that want to reduce their costs and work more sustainably.

In this context, two online training sessions will be organised by the Institute for Sustainable Process Technology, as part of the ZEROBRINE project: 

– On 1 December (9:00-12:00 CET) a training will be held for industrial cluster managing authorities, with an emphasis on six Dutch industry clusters: Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Delfzijl, Zeeland, Chemelot, and Emmen. More info and registration, please click here.

– The second training session on 3 December (13:00-16:00 CET) will be held for company personnel to build symbiotic brine relationships and circular business opportunities. More info and registration, please click here.

The training sessions will utilise the Online Brine Platform, an interactive web service promoting the flow of secondary raw materials by linking brine/salt owners with the mineral/water users and technology and waste heat providers.
For more information, please contact Danielle Kutka or George Tsalidis.


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