Our aqua3S project organizes the Workshop’Market needs on Water security standardization’ during the Water Knowledge Europe 2021 Spring Edition


aqua3S will host the Workshop ‘Market needs on Water security standardization’ during the Water Knowledge Europe event 2021 Spring Edition, happening on March 29 from 10:00 to 12:00 CET.

The workshop will focus on water security crisis management requires European harmonization on addressing the way information is collected and managed at EU level.

The European Standard Body CEN is doing active and good job to produce many EU standards to help addressing these issues. However, the standardization process with the necessary consolidation approach all over Europe could be considered too slow when it concerns to include new technologies which continuously develop with short cycles. Therefore, the AQUA-3S project aims to facilitate the contributions to standardization committees in bringing market consolidated views on how to harmonize the integration of new technologies such as sensors, drones, etc into existing standards. Therefore, the workshop intends to identify such market needs. See the agenda and register to the event.

Exposure of citizens to potential disasters has led to vulnerable societies that require risk reduction measures. Drinking water is one of the main risk sources when its safety and security are not ensured. aqua3S project steps in to combine novel technologies in water safety and security, aiming to standardize existing sensor technologies complemented by state-of-the-art detection mechanisms. 


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