Quality of life is impossible without quality and abundance of water’ says Neno Dimov, Minister for Environment and Water, Bulgarian EU Presidency



It’s my pleasure to address the WssTP audience on behalf of the first ever Bulgarian Presidency of the ENVI Council!

Nowadays, Europe and its citizens need more security, stability and solidarity. Security which guarantees and protects the health of the planet and of the people. Stability which creates a competitive environment, including sustainable growth and a “green” economy with a focus on the transition to a circular economy and eco-innovations. Solidarity which is based on cohesion and the overall convergence of the society, while taking into account the geographic, cultural and socioeconomic specifics of the regions.

As a rotating Presidency, we put emphasis on the transition to a circular economy which is resource-efficient. We will work for sustainable growth, environment and conditions conducive to eco-innovative solutions.

When talking about circular economy one of the strategic resources of crucial importance we should focus on is water. Quality of life is impossible without quality and abundance of water. This goal is achievable only by common efforts on local, regional, national, European and international level.

As a country that is part of both the Danube and the Black Sea regions, we have a clear understanding on the importance of cooperation for water quality, fighting water pollution, but also the economic perspectives of well-governed water resources.

As a rotating Presidency, we welcomed the revision of the Drinking Water Directive. We consider DWD as one of the essential tools to ensure the quality of the water consumed in the EU. We are confident that our common objective will be that the revised Directive ensures the same level of protection of human health from adverse effects of any contamination of drinking water equally across the whole EU.

Last but not least, we know that water scarcity has worsened in some parts of the EU in recent decades, with damaging effects on the environment and the economy. The reuse of treated wastewater is, therefore, a good option to increase water supply and to alleviate pressure on the water resources, but has to take place in safe and cost-effective conditions. In that respect, the BG Presidency looks forward to the adoption of the new Commission proposal setting minimum requirements for water reuse.

In conclusion, I would like to point out that the Bulgarian Presidency comes at a key point for the future of the Union. I believe that the challenges brought us together and made us stronger. We should respond to crises with “more Europe” because I believe that the future belongs to a united, prospering and inclusive Europe. Because United We Stand Strong!



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