Registrations are open to join a webinar on managing risks from digitalisation in the water sector


International Water Association will host a webinar on the 1st of April at 13h (Amsterdam time) addressing the management of risks from digitalisation in the water sector. The webinar’s target audience is utility managers, researchers, policy experts, and consultants.

Digitalisation is a theme that is reshaping the water sector and enabling urban services to connect through the value chain. However, amid several opportunities to the water sector, including increase in resilience and sustainability, digitalisation also brings potential threats to infrastructure and service delivery systems. This requires that the water sector prepares new approaches to manage risks, including cyber-security.

The objectives of the webinar are to bring awareness to the importance of risk management and identification of time-sensitive recovery measures related to the threats linked to the digitalisation of water utilities. The webinar will also help identify how to increase resilience in implementing new digital tools in water utility operations, among developing and emerging economies.

The panelists of the webinar are:

  Harsha Ratnaweera – Professor, Norwegian University of Life Sciences

  David Tipping – Principal Associate, Associates for International Management Services

  Rita Ugarelli – Chief Researcher Scientist, SINTEF Building and Infrastructure

  Christos Makropoulos – Associate Professor, National Technical University of Athens

To sign up for the webinar, click here.


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