Resource Nexus Policy & Cluster Workshop

WssTP participated at theResource Nexus Policy & Cluster Workshop that took place at EASMEpremises on the 27th of November.

The workshop started with a short presentation of the three Horizon2020 projects organising the event, SIM4NEXUS, MAGIC and DAFNE and featured four panel sessions that brought forward, amongst others, the following key messages: Nexus thinking requires both mind-set change but also institutional change; it is necessary to break existing technical, social, regulatory and institutional silos. These silos put challenges to the governance of the nexus.

There are different ways of producing knowledge; to address theWEF nexus governance we need not only technical knowledge but also tap into other types of knowledge: multi-actor engagement is necessary. Contextualisation: When it comes to nexus governance, there is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach but it needs to be tailored to each situation.

There is limited conceptual and practical guidance about the nexus. Two main challenges that are to be addressed:

1) the complexity of the nexus itself and,
2) the issue of policy fragmentation.

The workshop concluded with some follow-up actions, including a possible event in 2019, and the launch of a website of the NexusProject Cluster, which is accessible here. The presentations of theworkshop can be found here.  

To read the whole overview from the workshop, please click here.

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