Study reveals 50 most promising bio-based innovations that will benefit environment and healthy living


The new EU-funded study Life and biological sciences and technologies as engines for bio-based innovation present the 50 most significant bio-based innovations for the next 5-20 years. These innovations cover crosscutting technologies and approaches with many different applications, as well as innovation areas or solutions to challenges. The study provides also strategic knowledge for policymakers, innovation stakeholders and society.

Life and biological sciences and technologies are enablers for bio-based innovations that use natural resources sustainably. These innovations play an important role in a number of business sectors, like agricultural and fisheries or the chemical and manufacturing industry. they have several applications such as sustainable packaging, environmental protection, healthy eating.

The selected 50 bio-based innovations cover plant, marine, environmental and industrial biotechnology. One of them comes from agriculture and will provide bio-based alternatives to pesticide and fertilizers ensuring high crops yields and avoiding groundwater and food contamination.

Watch the video and download the full study to learn more.


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