SUEZ signs agreement to acquire new technology to address water treatment challenges


SUEZ has signed an agreement to purchase the Reverse Osmosis (RO) membrane portfolio from specialty chemical company LANXESS. The membrane will become part of the company’s Water Technologies & Solutions portfolio and further enhances the business’ ability to help customers address water treatment challenges.

The acquisition falls in line with SUEZ’s strategy to grow and invest in the industrial water market. The deal will allow the company to deploy complementary RO technology in adjacent and growing sectors, and to increase global production of membranes.

The agreement to purchase the Lanxess’s RO product line includes the membranes, raw materials, and production facility located in Bitterfeld, Germany, along with the expected transition of its channel distributors and production employees directly connected to the membrane line. With this acquisition, SUEZ will:

  1. Scale up its RO product solutions to meet broader and emerging water treatment needs,
  2. Expand its international RO membrane production capabilities and expertise to help meet growing global demand, and
  3. Grow its customer base with new channel partner distributor relationships.

The deal is expected to be completed in the coming months, following consultation with the relevant workers’ council.

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