The 2nd VAP call for funding to innovative European SMEs and start-ups is open


Innovative European SMEs and start-ups that target markets of developing countries, large emerging economies (Brazil, Russia, India, China, Mexico, etc.) and developed countries can apply until March 31st for the 2nd Viability Assessment Projects (VAP) funding. 

The call for funding is organised by INNOWWIDE, which works to bring innovative European SMEs to the forefront of international markets by funding VAPs in cooperation with local stakeholders around the world, creating the conditions to increase the uptake of European innovative solutions in markets outside of Europe. 

The budget available for the 2nd Call is €4.2M to be divided into approximately one third per target country group. Each approved VAP will receive a fixed grant amount of €60,000, representing a maximum of 70% of total eligible costs (staff, consumables, equipment, subcontracting, others) which must be a minimum of €86,000.

Results and grant signature will be available at the end of June 2020. Project implementation is until Spring 2021. To apply, interested companies can access the INNONWWIDE application portal

Learn more about the application process by reading the VAP Application and Guidelines


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