The 8th Roundtable on Financing Water calls for a more transparent water usage and coordination


On Friday 24th the Roundtable on Financing Water concluded its 2 days meeting to address Climate Actions. 

The meeting invited the public sector to disclose more information on water usage-data to enable a more transparent process. The Paris Agreement includes a set of ingredients to address water challenges. It recognises that reaching these goals depends on “making finance flows consistent with a pathway towards low greenhouse gas emissions (and climate-resilient) development”.

Ultimately, the financial sector needs to follow-up on this process and generate a world-wide strategy. Mobilising finance and investment is central to accelerating the transition to net zero carbon emissions and to strengthening climate resilience. 

The Roundtable engaged a diversity of actors – governments and regulators in developed, emerging and developing economies, private financiers (e.g. institutional investors, commercial banks, asset managers, impact investors), development financing institutions, bi-lateral donors, international organisations, academia and civil society organisations – focused on finding novel ideas and solutions.


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