The European Commission released a new Chemicals Strategy towards a toxic-free environment


The European Commission has just released a new Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability to promote a toxic-free environment.

This represent the first milestone to achieve a zero pollution plan announced in the European Green Deal. It sets out concrete actions to make chemicals safe and sustainable by design and to ensure that chemicals can deliver all their benefits without harming the planet and current and future generations., paying particular attention to vulnerable population groups.

Accordingly, the strategy will not only foster innovation for safe and sustainable chemicals, but it will also increase protection of human health and the environment against hazardous chemicals. Particularly, the use of the most harmful chemicals will be highly prohibited in consumer products such as toys, childcare articles, cosmetics, detergents, food contact materials & textiles. Therefore, all chemicals should be more safely and sustainably.

Flagship initiatives included will also promote safety and sustainability standards globally, in particular by leading by example and promoting a coherent approach aiming that hazardous substances that are banned in the EU are not produced for exports. Check it out for more info.


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