The European Water Sector increases Collaboration



Last Friday, 22nd November 2013, the European water sector represented by WssTPAqua Europa, EWA, EurAqua, EWP, and NetwercH20 formalised its intention to increase cooperation and coordination, by signing a number of collaboration agreements  at the occasion of the WssTP General Assembly.

“It is imperative for the European water sector to overcome its fragmentation and engage in a strong collaboration, if we want to realise the WssTP Water Vision and meet Europe’s water related challenges” said Tomas Michel, WssTP president.

These collaboration agreements are built on already existing coordination among WssTP, EUREAU and ACQUEAU and are regarded as the first step to a better and more coordinated representation of the interest of the water sector at a European level.

For more information, please email Durk Krol


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