The new CDP tool “Water Watch” ranks the most water-intensive sectors – Which are they?


On the 25th of August 2021, the environmental reporting company CDP released its Water Watch. The first of its kind tool ranks over 200 industrial activities, according to their potential impact on water resources – both, in terms of water quantity and water quality.

The impact of businesses on freshwater resources is assessed on different stages of the value chain on behalf of over 200 activities, making up a classification system based on the Bloomberg Industry Classification Systems (BICS). Amongst the sectors found to have the largest impact on water resources, are the apparel and textile manufacturing sector, cotton farming, livestock farming, oil and gas extraction and mining.

The Water Impact Index Water Watch contributes to the solidification of the scientific basis, the starting point for action equipping investors, businesses, and policy makers with “the information required to trigger the transformation needed” (Cate Lamb, Global Director of Water Security at CDP).


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