The state of Global Wetlands in 2021: New Report


Published by the Secretariat of the Convention on Wetlands, the Global Wetland Outlook: Special Edition 2021 draws on more than 30 major global and regional assessments and other recent scientific findings. It describes the pandemic and its implications, trends in wetlands since 2018, lessons for wetland wise use and protection, and how the Convention on Wetlands can be leveraged to address challenges facing wetlands.

The challenges addressed in the Report cover:

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we think about health and the environment, with more recognition of the importance of nature for health, including mental wellbeing.
People’s health and livelihoods depend on well-managed wetlands.
Deterioration of wetlands is widespread, but more wetlands are still reported as in ‘good’ rather than ‘bad’ ecological character.
Wetlands need to be part of delivering climate solutions.
Impacts of agriculture on wetlands are becoming more apparent: Agriculture is a key driver of wetland degradation, but the future of sustainable food production is dependent on healthy wetlands and wise use.
Enhanced integration and co-ordination are needed across the agriculture, urban development and wetland management sectors.


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