The Water Framework Directive will not be revised


On the 23rd of June, the European Commission announced that the Water Framework Directive and its daughters will not be revised. The priority substances and the groundwater annexes might be updated. This decision is in opposition with the Committee of the Regions which adopted unanimously the opinion to support the revision of the Water Framework Directive.

Last month, the European Parliament also voted a resolution in line with our Water Europe position to not open the Water Framework Directive. The European Parliament stressed out the importance of this directive for adequate governance of the water management, although it also recognizes that the framework has not yet achieved the goal mainly due to the inadequate funding, and so there is need to improve and speed up its implementation. The Chamber also calls the Commission to support Member States by implementing their water directives and by encouraging EU countries to apply for funds to support environmental concerns through innovation and nature-based solutions. 

Based on our position, Water Europe (WE) actively participates in the “Water Is everyone’s business” coalition. WE supports the preservation of high standards and strongly encourages for a better implementation of the EU legislation to reach the objectives in terms of freshwater governance. Water Europe hosted a webinar on that topic during WIE 2020. Only by achieving a Water-Smart Society aware of the true value of water and its adequate management, we will be able to address other strategies such as the Biodiversity and Farm to Fork, achieving the goals of the Green Deal for a sustainable Europe in 2050.


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