The Water-Smart Society, a key element in the resolution on the COP27


After the adoption of the motion for a resolution on the UN Climate Change Conference 2022 in Sharm-el-Sheikh (COP27) during the ENVI meeting on 3 October, the Resolution has been adopted in the plenary sitting yesterday, 20 October.

We are happy to announce the inclusion of the Water-Smart Society, as it constitutes a key pillar in order to mitigate climate change adequately. The Resolution represents the European Parliament position to the COP27, which will be brought forward by a European Parliament’s delegation of 15 members.

The Parliament in its resolution particularly stresses that “all stakeholders and sectors should be mobilised to achieve a water-smart society by simultaneously addressing climate change adaptation, food and water security, protection of biodiversity and a resource-efficient and competitive economy; whereas the EU and the Member States should also develop this approach through the European neighbourhood policy, the EU’s external action and in the UN agendas

Together with the European Parliament, Water Europe will continue to work towards a resilient society, where the true value of water is recognized and realized.


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